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Ground source heat pump is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection system which can be used as cold and heat source, which can be used as cold and heat source, and can be used as cold and heat source.

Ground source heat pump system is composed of the following parts: module type ground source heat pump unit, circulating water pump, water pipe loop, water system control box and indoor temperature control device, etc.. Ground source heat pump unit with standard components, to all parts of the repair and replacement is very convenient. Because the design is simple and does not require high technical operation of the engineering staff of the service. The only regular maintenance is the clean air filter and condensation of water.

System design is simple, flexible, fast installation. Unit has been assembled in the factory and comes with temperature control device, the field work is only a small amount of low voltage air pipe, electrical connection device and do not need to heat the connection of water pipes. Pipe can be used in pipe, copper pipe or plastic pipe. Maintenance is convenient and fast, the unit structure is strong, and the service life is long. Heat pump units of the power system (COP) up to 5 or more, that is, 1 kilowatts of electricity input, the output of 5 kilowatts of high efficiency.

Ground Source Heat Pump Unit

Ground source heat pump system air conditioning unit is a kind of water cooled heat supply unit. The unit consists of a closed type compressor, coaxial casing water / refrigerant heat exchanger, thermal expansion valve or capillary expansion pipe), four-way reversing valve, air side coil, fan, air filter, safety control.
Units using the underground soil temperature is relatively stable characteristics, so that the heat of the soil and the building of the exchange, to achieve thermal energy conversion. Because of the difference of the surface temperature and the ground water temperature, the ground source heat pump unit has unique requirements in the design and process.

Characteristics of Ground Source Heat Pump
Renewable Energy Utilization Technology
Surface soil and water, collected 47% of the solar radiation energy, more than 500 times the amount of energy used by humans each year;
Surface soil and water body naturally maintain the balance of energy acceptance and divergence;
Two use of solar energy, in line with the trend of sustainable development;
Not subject to geographical, resources and other restrictions.
Economical and effective energy saving technology
The annual soil temperature (5m) was relatively stable, and the temperature in summer was lower than that in the corresponding climatic conditions, and the soil temperature in winter was higher than that in the air;
Theoretically speaking, reducing the condensing temperature and improving the evaporating temperature can increase the cycle efficiency, and achieve the effect of energy saving.
Significant environmental benefits
Compared with the air source heat pump, the pollutant emission reduction is more than 40%, and is reduced by 70% compared with the electric heating;
No combustion, smoke, and no waste, and no long-distance transmission of heat, is truly environmentally friendly air-conditioning, no fan of energy consumption and noise.
One machine with multiple applications, a wide range of applications
Can be heating, air conditioning, but also for hot water for life:
A system can replace the original boiler and air conditioning of the two sets of devices or systems;
Can be used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, schools, villas, residential areas and other buildings.
System maintenance cost is low, the operation is reliable
Ground source heat pump is very durable, mechanical moving parts is very small, less maintenance, save maintenance costs;
All the parts are buried in the ground or installed indoors, thereby avoiding the outdoor harsh climate, the underground part can be guaranteed for 50 years.
Run stable, comfortable to use
Unit stable running condition, is hardly affected by changes in ambient temperature; cold of winter heat will not decay, frost free in addition to the consideration of cream.
Under the same power consumption, the system can increase the cooling capacity of summer or winter or heat supply; the system end can be used for a variety of choices, and the air conditioning effect is stable and comfortable.
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